Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

The growth of searches on mobile devices has grown exponentially. It has become very important for a business to be visible in the mobile world.

SmartestPhoneApps offers mobile marketing solutions that effectively and affordably makes your site and brand visible in the mobile marketplace:

Mobile Presence

  • Design and develop custom mobile-friendly websites to enhance user experience
  • Mobile optimization
  • Mobile analytics tracking
  • Video optimization

Mobile Search

  • Optimization of mobile sites for mobile search
  • Create mobile paid search strategies
  • Fully integrated click-to-call and click-to-play-video capability
  • Mobile specific content creation

Why Mobile Marketing Services Is Important!

Mobile technology is the wave of NOW. Failure to implement a mobile marketing strategy is limiting the potential of your business:

  • The growth of the mobile industry is incredible
  • In just over 3 years, over 20 billion apps have been downloaded between iPhone and Android devices.
  • Over 500,000,000 Android phones have been activated
  • Over 300,000,000 iPhones have been activated
  • Android owns 47% of the U.S. smartphone market iPhone owns 29% of the U.S. smartphone market
  • Mobile coupons are 10 times more likely to be redeemed than mail or newspaper distributed coupons
  • 50% of people made special trips to a store to redeem a mobile coupon
  • One half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices
  • Mobile creates a more personal experience for the user
  • 90% of mobile searches result in a purchase or in-store visit
  • Sources: comScore, Alexa, Flurry Analytics, 2012, Google August 2012


It's a proven fact that when businesses optimize for mobile marketing, they experience:

  • FACT: Customers are using mobile to find your competition.
  • Source: Google "Understanding Smartphone Users," 2011
  • 95% of smart phone users have searched for local informatiom
  • 61% of users call a business after searching and
  • 59% visit the location
  • 90% of these prople act within 24 hours


smartestmobilemarketing 4s Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Why Mobile?

  • FACT: Not having a mobile experience=lost business!
  • Source: Compuware, "What Users Want from Mobile," 2011
  • 57% would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site
  • 40% have turned to a competitor's site after a bad mobile experience
  • 23% of adults have cursed at their phone when a site doesn't work


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