How a Mobile App Can Support Your Mobile Website

Many small businesses looking to increase their mobile presence today are considering the development of mobile apps. These handy tools can, in fact, be great new ways to connect with audiences on the go. However, they are most effective when their function is well thought out in the context of the larger mobile website and presence.

Following are four areas in which we believe mobile apps can be most effective, especially for small businesses with good mobile websites:

1.       Interactivity

Any function that requires or offers interaction between the user and the site or app is a great candidate for a mobile app. Many customer service functions, for example, fall into this category. Tracking payments, order status and shipping are ideal focal points for a mobile app. In addition to requiring customer to enter information, the general process for obtaining this data is not something that is subject to frequent change (or, at least, it should not be).

2.       Personalization

A mobile app allows an incredible level of personalization to occur, making this a fabulous choice for anything that can benefit from that in the eyes of the consumer. A hair salon may want to give customers the option of taking a selfie and then using a mobile app to “try on” different hairstyles or colors.

3.       Phone Leverage

Any functionality that could logically leverage some feature or features of a smartphone, such as the GPS or camera, are best left to mobile apps, not mobile websites.

4.       Subsequent Purchases

If your product mix naturally includes items that are logically and frequently bought as follow-ups to other “primary” products, a mobile app can be leveraged to make those subsequent purchases easier. You can organize product groupings and even bundle items to make the overall package more attractive. The purchase through your mobile app interface can be made extremely simple for users.

Each of these items takes advantage of technology that is either completely unique to mobile apps or that may exist within mobile sites but is far simpler and more robust in a mobile app environment. For any marketing tool to be effective, its specific abilities must be identified and utilized. 

 Edward Kundahl, Ph.D., M.B.A. and

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How a Mobile App Can Support Your Mobile Website
Mobile apps offer great new ways to connect with customers on the go.
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